And Yet More Snow

Looking @SnowForecast we see that our wonderful winter continues with 15 cm (6 inches) predicted over the next few days.

Without question this is the best winter for ages. The only question is: Where are you?

More Snow on the Way

It’s the third day of Christmas and as a present we’ve got even more snow on the way for you. There is another 23 cm (that’s over 9 inches) to come in the next few days.

On top of that we’ve got all the excitements of the New Year Celebrations to come …….

Epic Start to the Season

We’ve had a great start to the season in terms of snow, and according to Snow Forecast it’s only going to get better.

It’s definitely time for to get some pre Christmas ski time in!

Snow And Empty Pistes

We’ve had a good start to the season, and now we have snow and empty pistes!

This is the ideal time to visit before the Christmas rush!