Summer Panorama

A summer visit to Kitzbühel is a must for all outdoor and adventure lovers.

Sports and activities are of major importance in Kitzbühel. Especially in summer, the entire region makes a perfect spot for walkers and hikers. Some 500 km of signposted walking routes for all ages and levels await you! In addition, Kitzbühel Tourismus offers escorted tours with certified hiking guides for free. Get to know more about the region’s people and history.

The scenic Hahnenkamm slope, one of the few internationally renowned downhill ski runs in winter, the breathtaking Alpine Flower Garden at the Kitzbüheler Horn or the picturesque Schwarzsee, one of Tirol’s warmest moor lakes – The Kitzbühel holiday region has a lot to offer for all ages and preferences!

In summer the whole region is a veritable paradise for walking, mountain biking, cave canyoning or climbing from breath-taking gorges to high ropes. The complete network of managed walks and mountain paths is some 200 miles long, with over 90 marked trails of varying length and grade leading across alpine meadows, through deep green woods and up the mountainsides. The choice is yours: from the demanding climb to the top of the famous Kitzbüheler Horn or across the undulating slopes of Ganslernhang, to a relaxing stroll and swim in the lake at nearby Schwarzsee. Whatever your preference, Kitzbühel and its environs is the place to be.

Alpenrider Summer Experience

Your adventure partners! Mountain bking canonying and more!

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Paragliding isn´t restricted to any age, group or ability. Small child to full grown man – anyone can fly tandem. Element3 have more than 20 years
experience.Your safety is their highest priority. From your comfortable sitting position you have a unique birds-eye view of Kitzbühel and the
illustrious and breathtaking downhill course which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

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Experience a new, captivating adventure deep in the heart of the mountains. Beginners are taught the basics of the sport by fully qualified
professionals. Learn how to abseil safety down, sheer cliffs or secure your partner´s descent. Our sport tours are the ultimate in challenges for the
thrill seeker. Rock scrambling, abseiling, rapids, waterfalls, slides and jumps of up to 10 m guarantee a huge adrenalin rush.

What do you need?

Swimsuit, towel and basic swim skills

No expirience necessary!

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Rafting with fun and action for the entire family!

The classic amongst the wild water tours. Ideal for those who have never been in a raft before and who want to have first hand experience of action in a

Rafting is great fun, if not sometimes a little dangerous, and for that reason the guide sits in the boat and delegates and directs. Forwards, everyone
to the right, everyone to the back – the boat soon starts to obey the power of its masters.


Good health and swimming ability, no physical or mental problems, average fitness


Qualified, experienced guide,
Swimming practice, specialised equipment,
snack during the tour,
shower at the Motion Base

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The area around the historic town of Kitzbühel is ideally suited for mountain biking. The season runs from mid May to October with
either spring or autumn deals making a visit out of season well worth while. Indeed some of the best riding conditions can be found out
of high season.

Trails range from gentle tracks in the valleys suitable for all, to a network of cross country mountain trails and a selection of forest
freeride tracks. At the higher altitudes tracks are typically rocky or over open single trail, as you bike down into the tree line trails
become steeper through the pine forests with plenty of challenging technical rooty sections. For bike park fans,
for their weekly trip to nearby Leogang and one of Europe’s biggest and best bike parks.

Daily rides with Mountain Edge will be tailored to your fitness and off road abilities with technical riding advice given on harder
sections of track. We have it all here! From downhill freaks to valley cruisers there are numerous routes to guarantee you a great stay
in the area.

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