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Cancellation and prepayment policies vary according to Booking type & Dates Required.

Additional city tax – which is not included in the rates. This city tax is EUR 1.80 per person per night, and is due on arrival.

Full payment is to be made on arrival. Planning to arrive after 10pm (22.00) please notify the Hostel by email or ‘phone.

We ask that you check in as soon as you arrive in Kitzbuhel.

If you arrive drunk you will be refused entry and your booking cancelled.

See also Terms and Conditions  Please Note: To preserve and maintain our laid-back atmosphere Snowbunnys does not accept any

Male only or Large groups. ***
Stag parties

*** More than 4 males is a group, If such a booking is made the booking will be cancelled and the deposit not refunded.

For special groups please contact us.

Snowbunnys will not accept any damages, abuse or annoyance towards other guests or staff, Snowbunnys does not give second chances if needed police will escort such problems from the Hostel.
Snowbunnys has close free parking but no onsite parking.